Where do the Parties Stand?

This QLD election, the Lock the Gate Alliance asked all political parties to protect land and water from coal and gas expansion.
Below, you can read our letter to the parties, and their formal responses.

LNP: Support fracking gasfields across the Fraser Coast and some of our best agricultural regions. Won't protect groundwater. Not clear on need to make miners clean up their mess.

Labor: Supports good policy and jobs in mine rehabilitation. Will refuse to allow a billion dollar taxpayer loan to Adani. No commitment to protect the Great Artesian Basin water supply from mining and coal seam gas. Vague comments in the face of massive local community opposition to fracking gasfields in the Wide Bay Burnett region.

One Nation and the Greens: Promise to create no-go zones for gasfields and fracking. Supports Land Court decision to be upheld and Acland Stage 3 rejected.

The Katter party chose not to respond to any of our questions in writing.

Independent candidates have expressed their support for our policies: Bruce Currie in Gregory, Rob Pyne in Cairns, Sandra Bamberry in Warrego, Jannean Dean in Hervey Bay and Roger Currie in Maryborough.

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We love QLD! We need these commitments:

  • Protect our best agricultural land from gas and coal mining.
  • No-go zones for shale gasfields and fracking in the Fraser Coast/Wide Bay Burnett region, and the Channel Country.
  • Full reform of Queensland's mine rehabilitation laws.
  • Reject Acland Mine Stage 3, as recommended by the Queensland Land Court.
  • Apply strict limits on the amount of water extracted from the Great Artisan Basin
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