Many of our most important assets are under threat from risky coal and unconventional gas mining. 

Here are five quick facts about how much we stand to lose in Queensland:

  1. The Adani coal mine will extract 26 million litres a day of groundwater and threaten unique Great Artesian Basin Springs.
  2. Coal and unconventional gas mining in the Fraser Coast hinterland will pollute our waterways and risk one of our top holiday destinations, the natural wonders of the Great Sandy Straits
  3. The Acland coal mine is set to destroy some of our best farmland on the Darling Downs
  4. CSG on the Western Downs is destroying people's livelihoods and health and threatening the water supplies their businesses depend on
  5. Shale gas fracking plans for the Outback will risk some of the last free-flowing  desert rivers on earth and damage Australia’s largest clean & green beef industry

Mining and gas companies have been taking everything they want, paying us a pittance for the privilege and then leaving their mess behind for Queenslanders to clean up.  We’re being done over by an unfair system.

Our government needs to listen to the voices of Queenslanders and stop allowing mining giants to undermine our democracy.

The Future is Agriculture, Solar Power, Tourism

99% of Queenslanders are employed in diverse and important industries including agriculture and tourism while less than 1% are employed in coal mines. The mining industry puts long-term sustainable jobs at risk.

The worst thing is that we’re being ripped off by the mining giants. Gas companies are vacuuming up our gas, exporting it offshore and driving up energy prices in Australia.

Almost 60% of large resource and energy companies paid no corporate tax in Australia last year, yet fossil fuel companies received an estimated $7.7B in public subsidies and tax breaks.

Mining companies are approximately 80% foreign-owned. The profits flow offshore.


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  • David Martin
    commented 2017-11-13 20:14:20 +1100
    The damage and pollution that fracking causes on water supplies and farming, and subsequently people’s health and livelihoods is REAL. Just google it and look at the damage fracking has caused in America!