Voices of Regional Queensland - Videos

Fraser Coast Councillor and beef farmer, Denis Chapman
Fraser Coast Councillor and beef farmer, Denis Chapman, doesn’t want to see the rich agriculture and tourism region he loves ruined by shale gas fracking.

Wide Bay Burnett Residents, Zimmerman
With QLD going to the polls, regional communities are standing up against destructive coal and gas development. Support the call for proper protections for land, water & air.

Queensland Cane Farmer - Judy Plath
The Wide Bay Burnett/Fraser Coast region is a highly productive, diversified agricultural area as well as being one of the south east's iconic tourist destinations. This important region is at risk from 3000 square kilometers of shale gas exploration leases. The local community is standing up to say no. Now it's time for the rest of the state to stand with them.

Queensland Graziers - Annette and Bruce Currie 
The future reliability of Australian agriculture is at risk if we risk our water to coal mining. If you #LoveQld, water and our land then take action.

John & Audrey Larsen love Queensland
John & Audrey Larsen have already been impacted by UCG, and are currently fighting off a large coal mine which is threatening their community of Kingaroy. They have cared for the land for decades, and now they face an uncertain future as coal threatens their home. 

Willowbank Resident and Community Leader - George Hatchman
The legacy of mining impacts communities for decades. Our current mine rehabilitation regulations leave communities in limbo and taxpayers out of pocket when there are jobs to be created safely rehabilitating mine sites.

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